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Someone Call IT

"Someone Call IT"

This image is a powerful one, just looking into his eyes you can see the boomer confusion surfacing. Personally, this one is so important because it can help all of us learn to identify when to step in and help our opposites, the boomers. If someone you know or love shows this look, you need to be their IT and help them close that google chrome tab or explain why their unplugged mouse isn't working.

Party Mason

"Party Mason"

Here we can see Mason in his natural environment, having fun. This is really a good example of how our fearless leader is a normal human being like us.

I know something you don't

"I know something you don't"

Now this is an interesting one because when you see this face it means he knows something you don't know which is a scary thought. Like all zoomers, you don't want to admit when a boomer knows something you don't so be prepared to act like you know more about it!

Happy Boomer

"Happy Boomer"

This is a great image as it shows a happy boomer, a rare sight to see as they are usually angry about the current market or something a zoomer doesn't bother themselves with. This is a boomer you can hang out with!

Sleepy Boomer

"Sleepy Boomer"

This is truly the backbone of any Boomer lifestyle, naps. In this instance, the Boomer fought off so many Zoomers they collapsed from exhaustion. One day people will finally understand their great sacrifice, but until then they will probably get meme'd on.

Mason celebrating his victory

"Fearless Leader"

In a historic battle, our resolute leader emerged victorious against the microwave nation, proudly displaying his captured microwave, while his loyal subjects celebrated his triumph. For the safety of currently active special opperators some faces have been anonymized.

Baby Boomer

"Baby Boomer"

Here is the baby boomer in action. Little did Mason know that his caffeine-fueled adventures would become a nostalgic saga, a testament to a bygone era when the internet was a slower realm and digital kingdoms were his to conquer.

Baby Boomer

"I mean business!"

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Yung Mason

"Yung Mason"

Circa 1895, colorized.

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